Wednesday, March 7, 2018

IWSG: Turbulence

For new visitors, IWSG Day is a monthly event where authors in the blogosphere can share about insecurities...or in my case sometimes, just random thoughts. Today’s IWSG question is: How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal or finish a story? I fuel myself with chocolate quite a bit. Once I ran out of chocolate in my home and I don’t know if it was a coincidence that I was just less productive that week. 

Today I don't have an insecurity to share. 

Instead, I will share a short travel piece. During a recent plane flight I was on, the plane was experiencing turbulence near the end of the flight. Passengers were asked to remain in their seats. Then a passenger near me got up. She was chatting with her friend during most of the flight and might've missed the announcement. So as she was leisurely making her way down the aisle toward the bathroom, a flight attendant directed her back to her seat. With a dumbfounded expression, the passenger began to wander back to her seat. Then the plane really started shaking and before the passenger reached her seat, she fell over me. Although I was a bit annoyed, I was fine, as was she. Nonetheless, the moral of this particular story is to remain in your seat during turbulence on a plane flight.

But that doesn't mean when there is turbulence around us, that we must always remain in our seats. Lately, it has been hard for me not to feel affected by the turbulence from current events as well as stuff that has come up in social media. I'm relieved that people have been getting out of their seats and taking a stand for things that are worth standing up for. 

How do you deal with turbulence?


Pat Hatt said...

True, in a plane sit your butt down, but in life, get on up and push on through.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

There is always one person who doesn't think that rule applies to them.
I just know Who is in charge and how it all ends so I don't stress it too much.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Yes, it is hard to deal with the turbulence of life. Going through a lot of that recently too. I'm plowing through it.

Diane Burton said...

It didn't sound like she really needed to go if she sauntered back her seat. *sigh* Glad you weren't hurt. I'm so glad the teens are standing up and making themselves heard of violence in schools. They will be voters in the next election, so the politicians should beware.

Liz A. said...

Some people don't listen when others talk. I know this from experience. So, they're dumbfounded when they're reminded that now is not the time to get up.

But standing up for oneself and what one believes in? Yeah, one should always stand up to those that say no.

The Silver Fox said...

Pat said it for me, in his comment above!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

People just to not listen is a larger societal problem!

S.P. Bowers said...

There are times to sit and wait for the best moment to act, and there are times to get up and do what needs to be done. The trouble is telling which is which.

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