Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IWSG: Ray Bradbury on Rejecting Acceptance

First, I just wanted to thank my readers for the thoughtful comments they left for me over the weekend when I shared about some stuff that was making me feel uncertain about where I was as a writer. You guys are really AWESOME! 

Today is Insecure Writer Support Group day. Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for hosting.

A year ago from today, Ray Bradbury passed away. He is still missed. His writing has always pushed me to think about topics that many people prefer to overlook- xenophobia and the suppression of free speech, for example. Here's one quote of Mr. Bradbury that I reach for on days when I remind myself why it's important for me to stand by my values:
“You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.”
Many of us are taught that rejection is a part of life (especially if you're a writer!) and that we should accept rejection with grace. The idea of knowing when and how to reject acceptance is less common. But this is a very important awareness to have, especially when winning the approval of someone or something comes with a price tag or an unspoken agreement that you must leave part of who you are at the door when you walk into the Mansion of Conditional Acceptance. 

Please take my word for it when I say that at the Mansion of Conditional Acceptance, the wine sucks. And it's okay to spit out bad wine, and walk out. 

(That's just one example of how Mr. Bradbury's words have encouraged me to think.) 

Have you ever rejected acceptance? 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kidlit Authors Support Oklahoma Disaster Relief

My friend Kim lives in Oklahoma. Her hometown is Moore, where an EF5 tornado recently struck. Things have been very tough and stressful for Kim and her loved ones these past few weeks.  Recently, I found some really wonderful kidlit authors who banded together to host Red Cross fundraisers in support of the Oklahoma disaster relief efforts.  

Here are two fundraisers I've come across:

Hosted by The Lucky 13s, Friday the Thirteeners, and The Enchanted Inkpot, Kidlit Authors for Oklahoma offers donors a chance to win giveaway prizes for each $10 donation that is made. 

Kate Messner, an author who hosted an auction after Hurricane Sandy hit, is currently putting together a giveaway called Kidlit Cares for Oklahoma Book Giveaway where a minimum donation of $10 is required. 

While it'd be nice to support other kidlit authors' efforts to fundraise, of course, we can also donate to the Red Cross without participating in these fundraisers at all. 

If you hear about other fundraising efforts to support the Oklahoma disaster relief, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

If you live in Oklahoma, or you have friends or family living in Oklahoma, and you just want to express your thoughts about what's going on, feel free to leave a comment here.