Monday, July 11, 2011

The Atlantic Chats with Beverly Cleary

The Atlantic recently printed an interview with one of my favorite childhood authors: Beverly Cleary. She just turned 95 this year. Her first book, HENRY HUGGINS, was published in 1950. I liked Henry Huggins, but it was Ramona Quimby that I really connected with as a young reader. 

Some highlights from the Beverly Cleary interview:

She says in her writing, she addresses the timeless feelings and memories kids experience. (This explains why her books have remained so popular from generation to generation.) 

She rarely reads children's books and she doesn't use the Internet.

She doesn't plan to publish any more books at this time. =(  (Now I'll never know if a teenage Ramona ends up romancing Yard Ape, Henry Huggins, or Howie Kemp.)

Read the interview in Beverly Cleary's own words by clicking here.


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