Sunday, March 13, 2011

Praying for Victims of the Japanese Tsunami Earthquake

Yesterday, a 9.0 earthquake/tsunami shook up the northeast area of Japan. I'm worried about some of my friends who are English teachers living in Japan and am waiting to hear back from them. 

My husband and I visited Japan a few years ago, and we really enjoyed the beauty of the island country. I remember viewing the lovely architecture of the temples (though I'm not Buddhist, I still appreciate art when I see it), taking in the stunning Mount Fuji, stripping down for my first bath house experience, enjoying the wonderful cuisine, and mingling with the local schoolchildren. I am praying for Japan's recovery from this tragic natural disaster and for the affected victims and their families and loved ones.

Update on 3/13/11 : All my teacher friends in Japan emailed me back, and they're safe and well. Sigh of relief......At the same time, I feel sad for those who are suffering.  My husband and I are making a donation to the tsunami relief efforts through the American Red Cross, Bay Area Chapter. 


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