Wednesday, October 4, 2017

IWSG: Overfilled Cabinets

It's Insecure Writer's Support Group day, a monthly event where authors in the blogosphere can share about insecurities and other stuff going on in their lives. I'm posting late Wednesday evening. First, I want to check in with my readers. How have you been feeling? I'm feeling overwhelmed and sad about troubling current events, with the most recent being the horrific and tragic incident in Las Vegas last weekend. My deepest sympathies go out to any of you who have been affected by any of these events in the past month.  

Today I don't have a writing insecurity. I just want to share some thoughts about cleaning out an overfilled cabinet. A few years ago, I subscribed to several magazines at a time. Sometime after the first three months of getting these magazines, I realized I didn't have time to read everything. I could've cancelled the subscriptions but never got around to doing it. So I kept the magazines stored away in a cabinet. Being environmentally conscious, the idea of just throwing the magazines away made me feel bad. (Think about all the trees that were cut down to produce these glossies!) But for the longest time, whenever I opened this cabinet, the magazines would start spilling out. Recently, I finally took a couple of hours to clean out the cabinet by dumping most of those magazines into the recycling bin. (Sorry, trees!) 

The cabinet is much neater now.  But it still fills up rather easily, as magazines can easily be replaced by other stuff.  I have to continue making the effort to clean out that space. 

Treating an overfilled cabinet can be an analogy for other things in our lives. 

What was your experience cleaning out an overfilled space? What magazines do you subscribe to or have subscribed to?