Wednesday, July 5, 2017

IWSG: Tuning a Piano

It's IWSG day, a monthly event author Alex Cavanaugh started to get writers sharing about insecurities and other stuff going on in their lives. Today's IWSG question is: What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing? I've learned not to compare my journey to other people's journey. I find that some who might appear to be ahead can have the same doubts and insecurities as I do.

Last month, I played a song on my piano after a long piano playing break and I cringed at how creaky and distant the notes sounded. So I hired a piano tuner to come over. I’d actually never gotten around to having the piano tuned before. When the piano tuner was finished working on my piano, I was amazed at how clear and clean the notes sounded. While the piano tuner worked on my piano, I was worried that I would be told that my lack of attention to tuning the piano all this time had permanently damaged the instrument in some way. But all it took was an attentive tuning to return the piano back to shape.

I wonder if the concept of tuning a piano applies to the various interests we have, such as writing. Sometimes I feel quite rusty returning to a writing project after a writing break. I’m sure my words come out creaky and distant sounding, like an untuned piano. As much as I wish I could hire a “tuner” to refine my fiction writing muscle when I’m returning from a break, I know I need to get back on track on my own. But I welcome tips on how to get there.