Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IWSG: Skiing Down Bunny Slopes

It's  IWSG day, a monthly event author Alex Cavanaugh started to get writers sharing about insecurities and other stuff going on in their lives. Today's IWSG question is: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out? There is a novel I began working on shortly after I graduated from college that I didn't finish. In recent years, I've considered rewriting the story from the beginning. Sometimes when I'm watering all the story seeds I nurture in my head, I still think about all the places I could go with this particular story. 

I don't have an insecurity to share today. I just want to share some travel reflections. Last weekend, my family and I went to Tahoe to go skiing with some friends. This is the first time I've skied in a really long time.Once I got onto the snow, I remembered stuff I learned eons ago about skiing, like keeping my knees slightly bent while going downhill and making a pizza with my skis when I wanted to break or slow down. Surprisingly, I did okay, much better than I'd expected. Being on easy hills helped. While I was making my way down, I eyed snowboarders defying gravity on other slopes that were super steep. They glided through the snow effortlessly, as if they had wings. I can't snowboard. And even if I could snowboard, it would undoubtedly take me endless hours of practice to get to that level of expertise. Still, I enjoyed what I was doing where I was on my short beginner skis on the bunny slopes. Here, I could safely pace myself.  

I can enjoy doing something even if I'm a beginner at it.

Bringing this analogy into my writing life, sometimes I need a reminder that even though I'm new to novel writing (I'm still an unpublished author, after all), I can still take moments to enjoy the process of doing what I'm doing. I'm not ready for the steep slopes of the author's journey right now but maybe someday I'll get there. 

What do you enjoy the most about doing something that's new to you? What are some steep slopes of the author's journey you have survived?