Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IWSG: Profile Pictures

Today is IWSG day, a monthly event Alex Cavanaugh launched to get writers sharing about their insecurities and other things.

Before I continue…Who did the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? Although I didn’t do A to Z this year, I saw some neat themes out there and plan to revisit the April posts in a few participating blogs.

So…I put up a new profile picture.

The idea of posting my picture has always made me squeamish. Posting a profile picture is a non-issue for so many people, but for me, it caused some angst I had to remedy with a series of pep talks from one side of my brain to the other:

What if certain people from the past and present find me here?
Even if people I hadn’t intended to find this blog actually find it, I have not posted anything here that reveals intimate details about my private life. Also, I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve written here. (Although, ask me about my early fiction, and I’ll tell you a different story!)  Once in awhile, I might look back on an old blog post and realize my perspective on a topic has shifted since I’d written about it. But I stand by my phases of creative development nonetheless.

Would having a profile picture make me less comfortable about sharing? 
Inspiring me to blog on would be the many writers I follow who post their full names and pictures on their social media while sharing so openly and generously. I tip my hat to writers who put themselves out there like that.

How much thought went into your profile picture? If you don’t have a profile picture of yourself (and yes, I’m looking at you, Alex Cavanaugh!), why is that?