Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back from a Blogging Break

I gave birth to my son in early May. He's a sweetheart. Most new parents have gone through what I'm going through now- lack of sleep, lack of time, and lack of energy. But my husband and I are hanging in there, as is my dear daughter who is filling into her role as a big sister. 

One thing I've learned from going on a blogging and writing break is that even when I'm not physically writing stuff down, my mind continues to work as I brainstorm and bounce ideas for new stories. Though recently, when I sat in front of the laptop and tried to transfer what I had in my head onto the keyboard, I found I'm still a bit rusty.

But even a sentence of story each day is progress.

I've mentioned before that I have ideas for children's fiction and adult fiction. I've considered the irony of having an adult novel published first while I've been building my web presence in a kidlit themed blog all this time (and it's still a giant IF whether or not I'll ever be published in either of these areas). Because I like to keep things neat and focused, I don't know if I can pull off making this blog spotlight both kidlit and adult lit. While I could certainly launch a new blog spotlighting adult lit and my adult lit writing, I have only so many minutes of free time in a day. To regularly manage not one, but two writing-related blogs is going to take time away from what I really should be doing with my writing time, which is my WIP writing. I admire my fellow bloggers who can consistently manage two or three blogs at a time while meeting their writing deadlines. 

Do any of you manage two writing blogs? How do you do it?

Have you ever felt rusty returning from a writing break? How did you deal with it?