Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coming Soon: No Kiss Blogfest and My Favorite Martian Bloghop

To kick off the New Year with some fun posts, I recently signed up to participate in two blogger events:

Who: Frankie Diane Mallis (the host)

When: Wednesday, January 2

How: Copied straight from Frankie's page-The No Kiss Blogfest! This is when you get to write a scene or post one from of your favorite books, movies, or TV shows that show the almost kiss-- the rising, crushing, excruciating, longing, tension that comes  when two characters get oh-so-close to kissing that you can just feel it, want it, NEED it....and then...they don't
Who: Maurice Mitchell at The Geek Twins (the host)

When: Monday, January 14  Update: the organizer rescheduled this to January 21

How: Write a post about your favorite alien.


Anonymous said...

neat! thanks for letting us know - i might sign up for one, too!

happy new year to you, and looking forward to reading your blog in 2013!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the updates on these!

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