Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm participating in Spooktoberfest.  A thank you and a handful of black and orange jellybeans to Jackie Felger of Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand of Entertaining Interests for hosting! Here are the rules:  The flash fiction piece cannot be any longer than 300 words and it must contain these five words: cobweb(s), cauldron(s), jack-o-lantern(s), ghost(s) and razor(s). 

Weekly Wrap-up of TV Highlights on Channel Spook

Voiceover: On The Bleary Springer Show, two pumpkins face off when they find out their "pimp-kin daddy" boyfriend has been playing the patch.

Footage Shown: Two Pumpkins with straw hair are oozing out of their bright sequined halter tops, denim mini-skirts and cowboy boots. They had just jumped out of their seats and are now up in each other's faces. 
"Your face looks like a jack-o-lantern carved with arthritic hands."

"Your face is fit for a scarecrow."  

Pieces of straw fly, heads roll, and pumpkin puree splatters across the screen.

Voiceover: On Witch Chef, a couple of judges discuss a chef's entree of spider crepes.

Footage shown: A panel of judges are seated at a long table smacking their lips. 

"The pieces of cobweb left on the spider was an oversight and it compromised the textural competence of this dish. 

"But I am impressed with how well the cast iron cauldron cooked the bug juice broth- it was buttery yet as light as a ghost."

Voiceover: On The Werewolf Bachelorette, a rejected suitor thinks aloud as he rides away in the limousine.

Footage shown: A suited man sits alone in a moving limousine.  

Rejected Suitor: "Really bummed I didn't get a rose. She was so warm and fuzzy whenever I held her. I probably shouldn't have made that joke about getting her a razor for the next full moon."

...and that's my flash fiction. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Kyra Lennon said...

LOL! Excellent work!

T. Drecker said...

Great! Now, I'm all smiles for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Now, why isn't that network on cable tv. I would watch. Very creative. haha.

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

This is good!

Yolanda Renee said...


Such a witty change, great description.

Really enjoyed it!

Tara Tyler said...

original & entertaining!

Sherry Ellis said...

This was really good! I enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

This channel seems creepy and might turn my stomach, yet I want to watch. Great piece.

Dani said...

Omword! So freakin' funny! I was smiling the time! Very creative. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

So different, I love how these blogfests can bring out such creative and entertaining pieces :)

Jackie said...

Very clever take on this! Well done! I'd totally watch The Werewolf Bachelorette. :D

Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

C.M.Brown said...

Very creative and funny! Well done!

N. R. Williams said...

Nice to meet you Cynthia
This is brilliant! Loved it. And the verdict is on Judge Vamp, two fangs up. LOL

Donna Hosie said...

Here from the Spooktober blog hop.

Very well done. I had a big grin on my face reading that.

Mina Lobo said...

LOL, fun take on the blogfest! :)
Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!

Nicole said...

Haha, the Werewolf Bachelorette rose ceremony. Great!

Lexa Cain said...

Eew, and funny, and eew! I totally loved reading your Spooktacular entry. Thanks for the chuckles.
Have a Happy Halloween! :-)

Lynn Proctor said...

haha this was great--happy week :)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

This was more funny than scary but great job.

Diana said...

I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog award! Check out my blog for the details. :)

Another Spooktober buddy! Your FF story was way cute!

moonduster said...

Funny and cute!

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