Monday, August 13, 2012

WriteOnCon 2012 Conference

Last year, I participated in WriteOnCon. It's an online conference where writers can rub virtual elbows with agents, editors, authors, and other writers. There were opportunities to post my queries for feedback, enter contests, chat with industry professionals, and read lectures about various topics. Best of all, I got to be part of all this for free in the comfort of my own home without having to drive anywhere, book a plane flight, or book a hotel room.

This year, WriteOnCon is taking place tomorrow, August 14th, and Wednesday, August 15th. 

Have any of you participated in WriteOnCon? Any other online writers conferences out there you'd like to share about?


Stephsco said...

I did this last year and I'm a bit more active in the forums this year since I have a completed WIP I can shop around on the query and pitch advice posts :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

I watched many of the videos last year and the year before, and I LOVED them! I am so excited for it this year! What a fantastic resource for writers.

Anonymous said...

i participated last year, but wow was that a lot of information to take in! i bookmarked several videos and posts, and ended up reading them in the following weeks when i had more time :)

Cynthia Heart Books said...

Stephsco: Good luck with shopping around your WIP!

Caryn: Yes, WOC is such a great resource.

Gina C: I'll probably end up bookmarking stuff this year too.

Ruth Schiffmann said...

I didn't participate in the forums or live events last year, but I did learn a lot from going back and reading over the transcripts from some of the chat events.
I missed it again this year, but plan to do the same.

Cynthia Heart Books said...

Ruth: It is quite useful to go over the transcripts from the chats.

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