Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back from a Blogging Break

I gave birth to my son in early May. He's a sweetheart. Most new parents have gone through what I'm going through now- lack of sleep, lack of time, and lack of energy. But my husband and I are hanging in there, as is my dear daughter who is filling into her role as a big sister. 

One thing I've learned from going on a blogging and writing break is that even when I'm not physically writing stuff down, my mind continues to work as I brainstorm and bounce ideas for new stories. Though recently, when I sat in front of the laptop and tried to transfer what I had in my head onto the keyboard, I found I'm still a bit rusty.

But even a sentence of story each day is progress.

I've mentioned before that I have ideas for children's fiction and adult fiction. I've considered the irony of having an adult novel published first while I've been building my web presence in a kidlit themed blog all this time (and it's still a giant IF whether or not I'll ever be published in either of these areas). Because I like to keep things neat and focused, I don't know if I can pull off making this blog spotlight both kidlit and adult lit. While I could certainly launch a new blog spotlighting adult lit and my adult lit writing, I have only so many minutes of free time in a day. To regularly manage not one, but two writing-related blogs is going to take time away from what I really should be doing with my writing time, which is my WIP writing. I admire my fellow bloggers who can consistently manage two or three blogs at a time while meeting their writing deadlines. 

Do any of you manage two writing blogs? How do you do it?

Have you ever felt rusty returning from a writing break? How did you deal with it?


Julie Dao said...

It must be a tricky thing to manage two blogs! I've never done it myself, but I'm betting that you're right and it takes a lot of time and effort that might be spent writing instead :) Maybe keep this blog and make two pages linked from it, one for your adult books and one for your kid books? And yes, definitely... I've been very rusty after a break from my WIPs, but I ease back in gradually! I usually read what I've written in the previous chapters to get myself back into the story. Good luck with everything :)

Daisy Carter said...

I have a hard time managing ONE blog! Can't imagine how people manage two or more.

I think you could probably find a way to merge adult and kid lit. Maybe blog about adult things on Monday, kid things on Friday? Or set up a webpage that feature your writing, focusing mostly on one or the other, and then link that to your blog, which focuses on the other? Your webpage could remain pretty static, so it wouldn't feel like two pages to carry.

When I get rusty, I panic. Then I stare at the screen and wonder if I'll ever get my mojo back. Then I do a mean Austin Powers impression into the mirror and get back to it. Like you said, a sentence a day is progress. Every little bit helps!

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

I have a once-a-month slot at YA Outside the Lines in addition to my own author blog. That's manageable.

But my author blog really does reflect whatever is on my mind--a picture book, an adult book, reading, writing, even things I notice about the outside world. I don't think an author's blog has to be rigidly defined. It's usually more fun for blogger and reader if the blogger is addressing whatever s/he most wants to talk about.

Sher A. Hart said...

Hello from IWSG. First, congrats on the new baby. I'm having such a hard time writing while keeping up one blog that I took on a blog partner. I don't think you need to separate yourself either. Although I like the idea of choosing different days for different age-groups, I'm not that organized. There's another idea you might consider, making a new page on your blog for your adult books. It could link to your adult book website or blog or just be a separate page.

Cynthia said...

Julie: That's a good idea to read what you've written in previous chapters to get back into the swing of things.

Daisy: Yes, every little bit of writing does help. I'd like to see your Austin Powers impression. Maybe you can put up that image in a future blog post!

Jennifer: I see what you mean. I do enjoy visiting your blog.

Sher: Thanks, Sher. I don't know how well I could share my blog with another person, but it's great that you can do it!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! i hope you enjoyed getting to know your new little guy enormously :)

i'm still trying to manage one blog -- so i have no advice for you there!

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