Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teaching with Children's Books: Prepositions

It's back-to-school time, which means I can reintroduce my Teaching with Children's Books segment, YAY! Teaching prepositions is today's subject. I came across the following picture books that highlight prepositions. These books have clear illustrations to help learners visualize prepositional phrases as they're used in a story. Maybe learners can even make their own picture books once they get the idea.

PIGGIES IN THE PUMPKIN PATCH by Mary Peterson and Jennifer RofĂ© (Picture Book-Charlesbridge) Two mischievous pigs frolick through a farm as they go "over growing green beans," "behind snoring, sleepy sheep" and end up going "into the pumpkin patch." 


JOEY AND JET by James Yang (Picture Book-A Richard Jackson Book, Atheneum) A boy named Joey throws a ball to his dog, Jet. Jet goes after the ball "among the birds," "across the street," "between the tables," then catches the ball and fetches it back to Joey.

BEARS IN THE NIGHT by Stan and Jan Berenstain  (Picture Book-Random House) In this Berenstain Bears book set past bedtime, the bears sneak "out of bed" and "out the window" and go "around the lake" and "up Spook Hill."


ROSIE'S WALK by Pat Hutchins (Picture Book-Simon & Schuster) Published in 1968, this classic features Rosie the hen going out for a walk, oblivious to the hungry but clumsy fox following her as she goes "through the fence," "past the mill" and "under the beehives."


Brooke Rousseau said...

These are great, thanks! I never thought about prepositional phrases as needing to be taught, but I get it now.

Cynthia Heart Books said...

Thanks, Brooke!

Charlotte Cheng said...

I love this segment and thanks for sharing these books. I can appreciate them as both a teacher and an illustrator :)

Cynthia Heart Books said...

Thanks, Charlotte!

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