Friday, August 12, 2011

Fess Up Friday: I Like Feel Good Stories Too

Yesterday, I read an article on Yahoo's Shine section about Kathryn Stockett, an author who wrote THE HELP, currently on my to-read list. While I read books written for adults too, I don't usually mention them here because this is a kidlit blog. However, Stockett's story would inspire writers for all age groups and genres.

Stockett received 60 rejections before she was published. With her 40th rejection, she received the note, "There is no market for this kind of tiring writing." And she cried.  

But this determined writer kept plowing on and continued  putting herself out there. With five years of writing and three and a half years of receiving rejections under her belt, Stockett hit it big with number 61. An agent signed her on and sold her book right away, and now THE HELP is playing in a theater near you. Woot-woot!
Stockett's story inspires me, motivates me, and helps me see that one rejection, or 60 rejections, is not an end-all to anyone's writing career. As an unpublished author, the light at the end of the tunnel is not on the GPS. A story like this reassures me someone out there has gone through the same tunnel and made it out okay, or in Stockett's case, more than okay. 

While I'm into a lot of stuff that's dark and edgy, I also have a soft spot for feel good stories. Especially if they're real stories about authors who struggled and struggled and then got published.


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