Friday, July 22, 2011

Fess Up Friday: I Want to be at Comic Con!

I love costumes. Love 'em! And it just pains me that I can't be at Comic Con to sport some funky outfit while mingling with other fans of the creative industries. I'd also hate to miss out on some of the panels presented by kidlit professionals, which I'm sure would be totally awesome. SIGH.....Maybe another year.


Susan York Meyers said...

Me too! I would have especially loved to have been in the audience the year they showed previews for Tron 2 (yeah, I'm a geek).

God Bless,

Cynthia said...

Susan, maybe we can go another year. I think there's a hidden fan girl in all of us.

gg said...

comic-con has changed so much from its original convention conception of comic books and sci-fi enthusiasts. while there is still some of that, many of their current panels showcase pop culture elements from anime, tv shows, video games, and yes, fantasy novelists like yourself. :) i'd love to go someday too, though i hear the tickets get sold out pretty fast. have you considered attending wondercon? it's held in SF annually and is perhaps not quite as cool as comic-con, but maybe more accessible as it is more local.

Cynthia said...

GG, yes I hear that tickets go pretty fast for Comic Con. I would also like to check out a Wonder Con someday.

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