Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Sentences Still Count as Writing

The other night, I stayed up into the wee AM hours of the night to work on my YA novel. The next day, my body paid for my wordplay bender with an on-and-off headache. A loved one suggested that I go to bed early and perhaps skip the writing for one night. I said I couldn't do that because my day wouldn't be complete until I'd written something. Anything.

"If I go to bed early without writing anything, I'd lie awake bemoaning all the clever conversations my characters are having that I can't write down," I said.

But in the evening, I was so very tired. So I jotted down two sentences, a stark contrast from the pages upon pages I'd written the night before. And I went to bed and was out like Rip Van Winkle.

Late-night writing binges are awesome. But I gotta remember to take care of myself too.


Sarah P. said...

Sounds very similar to my life. I have two young children, so the only time I get to write is after they've gone to bed...which seems to get later and later every night now that it's staying lighter longer. I feel your pain.

Cynthia said...

Sarah, I do my creative writing after my little one has gone to bed too! Sometimes it feels like I'm starting the night shift when I finally get to write.

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