Friday, April 1, 2011

Fess Up Friday: The "I Will Survive" Hair Cut

You know how some girls go through some breakup or dreadful experience and then they want the world to know they're starting over, and so they run out and get a crazy dramatic hair cut?  Well, I've never gotten an "I Will Survive" hair upheaval...until earlier this year, and NO, the decision to chop off my locks had nothing to do with any sort of breakup, but it had everything to do with a creative rut I was in. Anyone out there have those? My meltdowns are usually internal, so people around me don't know I'm having them.

Anyway, I told my hairdresser to take off three inches. She asked if I was sure, I said I was, and so she cut off three inches of my hair. Though I've gotten compliments on my new do (my hairdresser added some cool layers to give my hair some bounce and volume), a small voice inside keeps saying that trimming an inch-and-a-half would've been adequate. But nooooooo, I felt I needed to prove something to myself- what it was I needed to prove, I'm still not sure.

Anyhow, sometimes when I look in the mirror, I remember how nice it was to have longer hair, the kind of hair that would get me cast in an '80s metal/rock video where all I have to do between takes is whip my hair everywhere like I'm washing the windshield of a car for some high school fundraiser.

At the same time, I think of celebrities who had long hair and looked fantastic when they emerged with shorter hair. The person who comes to mind right now is Jon Bon Jovi, one of my high school crushes. 

When his hair was long in the '80s, I thought he was was such a bad boy..... 

...then sometime in the '90s, I saw his new short do on MTV when he sang "Bed of Roses" while playing the piano in a black tank top and tight pants, and all I could think was HOT HOT NEED MY POT HOLDERS HOT.

My hair will grow back to its former length in about a month or so. But the next time I  fall into a creative rut, I'm getting a pedicure instead.


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