Friday, April 15, 2011


I just finished reading the juicy SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL: TEN YEARS LATER... by Francine Pascal (Adult/Young Adult-St. Martin's Press). Found in the grown-up section of the bookstore, this book is a where-are-they-now exposé on Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield of Sweet Valley. Before picking up the book, I'd already read the spoilers and reviews posted all over the Internet. Nostalgia prompted me to read the book on my own nonetheless.

Growing up, I didn't read all the Sweet Valley books and I never saw the TV show, but I read enough of Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High to remember that Elizabeth Wakefield was the good girl, her twin Jessica was the bad girl, Todd Wilkins was Elizabeth's boyfriend and puppy, and Bruce Patman was full of it. That was then- things are different ten years later.

Soon I'll be announcing a book giveaway contest for my copy of SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL: TEN YEARS LATER... So stay tuned!

For those of you who read SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL, feel free to comment on what you thought of the book.


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